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Starch Factory Laborer: Tends equipment, for example grinders and mixers, and performs any combination of following tasks to convert vegetables and grain, for example potatoes, corn, and wheat, into starch: Transports grain or vegetable from storage, using lift truck, opens sacks, and dumps materials into chute or conveyor leading to grinding mill. Tends hammermill that removes foreign matter and grinds grain or vegetable into particles to form starch paste. Turns valves and starts pumps and paddle agitators to transfer starch solution to settling vat, flush impurities from surface of solution, using water hose, drain water, and mix fresh water with settled starch. Adds and mixes chemicals to starch milk as directed. Starts pump, centrifuges, and driers to remove excess moisture from white (purified) starch. Fills and weighs bags of dried starch and transports bags to storage, using lift or handtruck. May also be designated Door Slinger (feed industry) when opening and closing lever-actuated doors of starch kiln.

Job industry: feed industry

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