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Commercial Designer: Creates and designs graphic material for use as ornamentation, illustration, advertising, or cosmetic on manufactured materials and packaging: Receives assignment from customer or supervisor. Studies traditional, period, and contemporary design styles and motifs to obtain perspective. Reviews marketing trends and preferences of target and related markets. Integrates findings with personal interests, knowledge of design, and limitations presented by methods and materials. Creates, draws, modifies, and changes design to achieve desired effect. Confers with customer or supervisor regarding approval or desired changes to design. May also be required to have specialized knowledge of material designed. May also prepare original artwork and design model. May also perform related duties, for example fabricating silk screens, drawing full size patterns, or cutting stencils. May also work with specific items, for example signs, packaging, wallpaper, ceramics, tile, glassware, monograms, crests, emblems, or embroidery. See INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER (professional industry) 142.061-026 for workers who design both product form and associated graphic materials.

Job industry: professional industry

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