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Cylinder Machine Operator: Operates cylinder-type machine to make paper, cardboard stock, insulation board, or pulp sheets according to specifications: Turns valves to start flow of water and specific types of pulp stock into designated cylinder vats. Starts machine and turns handwheels and valves or adjusts panel controls to regulate flow of stock onto wire mesh of revolving pickup cylinders and onto wet felt mats on which continuous sheets of product are formed. Inspects machine products, reviews laboratory reports, and observes machine operations to determine causes of defects in paper. Regulates and coordinates stock flow, speed of pickup cylinders and wet felts, and water removal by vacuum action of cylinders and by pressure of rolls on pulp mat, according to type of stock and specified kind, grade, weight, and moisture content of product. Directs workers engaged in replacing felts, threading sheets through drier rolls, slitting and cutting sheets to specified dimensions, and winding sheets onto roll. May also be designated according to product made as Cylinder-Machine Operator, Pulp Drier (pulp and paper industry).

Job industry: pulp and paper industry wood products

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