Furnace Operator 3: A description for the furnace operator 3 job

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Furnace Operator 3: Controls operation of burners to maintain temperature in furnaces of petroleum-processing units according to specifications: Observes temperature, pressure, and flow gauges to verify operating conditions of units, and records data. Starts furnace and turns valves and switches to increase or decrease flow of fuel oil or gas to burner and still to regulate temperature according to processing schedule. Throws switches to place burner on automatic control. Examines furnace to detect overheating of walls and tubes, and leakage of still bottoms or oil tubes. Observes flame distribution and combustion conditions in furnace, color of burner flame, and gas issuing from stack, and moves air damper control to correct combustion conditions and stop flame impingements. Reports irregularities in operation to REFINERY OPERATOR (petroleum industry). May also remove and clean burners, using handtools, brusher, solvent, or steam. May also change recording charts [CHART CHANGER (clerical jobs)].

Job industry: petroleum industry

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