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Deckhand 1 – Performs any combination of following duties aboard watercraft, for example dredges, ferryboats, scows, and river boats: Handles lines to moor vessel to wharves, tie up vessel to another vessel, or rig towing lines. Sweeps and washes decks, using broom, brushes, mops, and firehose. Lowers and mans lifeboat in case of emergencies. Stands steering watches or lookout watches while underway. Moves controls or turns handwheels to raise or lower passenger or vehicle landing ramps or kelp-cutter mechanism. Inserts blocks under wheels of vehicles to prevent them from moving on ferryboats. Loads or unloads material from barges, scows, and dredges. Paints lifeboats, decks, and superstructure of vessel, using brush. Lubricates machinery and equipment. Splices and repairs cables and ropes, using handtools. Examines cables that holds vessels in tow and tightens cables to ensure vessels are snug. May also tour decks during watch to caution passengers engaged in unsafe practices, and ensures departure of passengers at end of voyage. Deckhands are designated according to type of craft as Barge Hand (water industry), Dredge Deckhand (water industry), Ferryboat Deckhand (water industry), Pilot-Boat Deckhand (water industry), Scow Deckhand (water industry), Tugboat Deckhand (water industry).

Job industry: water industry

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