Water Transportation Jobs: A description for the water transportation jobs group

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Water Transportation Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to conveying passengers and cargo by controlling movement of ships, boats, and other vessels, securing vessels in dock, opening and closing canal locks, and related activities.

Job descriptions in this group:
Chief Operator Lock Tender
Deck Cadet
Barge Captain
Derrick Boat Captain
Header 2
Stevedoring Superintendent
Ferry Terminal Supervisor
Tugboat Dispatcher
Deep Submergence Vehicle Operator
Lock Operator
Ferryboat Operator
Able Seaman
Boat Loader 1
Marine Oiler
Motorboat Operator
Stevedore 1
Cable Ferryboat Operator
Pleasure Craft Sailor
Ferryboat Operator Helper
Hatch Tender
Ferryboat Ticket Taker
Boat Loader Helper
Cleaner 2I
Coal Trimmer
Deckhand 1
Lines Tender
Ordinary Seaman

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