Drier Operator 7 I: A description for the drier operator 7 i job

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Drier Operator 7 I: Drum-drier operator, vacuum-drum-drier operator Tends vacuum drum driers that heat liquid compounds to form caked or powdered chemical products: Connects tube from feed inlet to drum containing liquid to be dried. Turns steam and coolant valves and observes thermometer to regulate temperature of steam-jacketed drum enclosed in vacuum chamber, according to specifications. Starts pump and observes vacuum gauge to maintain prescribed vacuum in chamber. Starts revolving drum that dries liquid as it splashes against heated drum, forming caked or powdered product that is removed from surface of drum by scraper blade. Observes and feels dried product, periodically submits sample for laboratory moisture analysis, and adjusts drying temperature and vacuum if product does not meet plant standards. Records drying time of batch, gauge readings, and amount or weight of materials dried. May also set scraper blade at specified distance from drum, using handtools. May also fill containers with dried materials, weigh containers, and tag containers for shipment or storage.

Job industry: chemical industry pharmaceuticals industry

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