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Dump Operator – Car-dumper operator, tipple worker Tends mechanical or electrical dumping equipment to dump materials, for example grain, raw materials, coal, or ore, from mine cars, railroad cars, or trucks into bins or onto conveyor for storage, reloading, or further processing, using either of following methods: (a) Observes that car or truck is spotted accurately on bed of rotary dump. Moves controls to secure clamps over couplings that hold car while being tipped. Starts motor or pulls lever that tips car and dumps contents. Releases clamps to remove car. (b) Opens bottom or side doors of car or truck spotted over gravity dump. Moves controls to lower car shakeout device into car and to start vibration that loosens remaining coal or ore. May also hook winch cables to cars to draw them onto dumping bed. May also couple and uncouple cars. May also be required to maintain records of unloading operations. May also be designated according to type of equipment tended as Car-Shakeout Operator (cement industry) (mining industry), Rotary-Dump Operator (mining industry) (mill industry), or according to material unloaded as Grain Unloader, Machine (feed industry).

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