Duplicating Machine Operators And Tenders: A description for the duplicating machine operators and tenders group

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Duplicating Machine Operators And Tenders: This job group consists off jobs regarding to making copies by means of office machines. Three major duplicating processes used are: photocopy (including photographic), spirit (or fluid), and stencil (ink). An image created by one of these processes is either transferred directly, as with the photocopying machine, or indirectly, as with the offset duplicating machine. Also included is the duplicating of braille-printed pages on chemically treated plastic paper. This job group does not include offset printing machine and press jobs which are found in Groups 651 and 652.

Job descriptions in this group:
Print Shop Chief Clerk
Duplicating Machine Operator 1
Duplicating Machine Operator 2
Offset Duplicating Machine Operator
Braille Duplicating Machine Operator
Photocopying Machine Operator
Photographic Machine Operator

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