Offset Duplicating Machine Operator: A description for the offset duplicating machine operator job

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Offset Duplicating Machine Operator: Operates offset-duplicating machine to reproduce single or multicolor copies of charts, schedules, bulletins, and related matter, according to oral instructions or layout and stock specifications on job order: Installs sensitized metal printing plate or master copy of plastic-coated paper around press cylinder of machine and locks plate or master copy into position, using handtools. Turns handwheel and ink fountain screws to regulate ink flow. Selects paper stock to be printed according to color, size, thickness, and quantity specified, stacks paper on feed table, and positions spring guide on side of paper stack. Turns elevator crank to raise feed table to paper height. Sets dial controls to adjust speed and feed of machine according to weight of paper. Starts machine that automatically reproduces copy by offset process. Cleans and files master copy or plate. Cleans and oils machine. May also prepare printing plates. May also operate stencil-process or spirit-duplicating machines and photocopy equipment. Important variations may also be indicated by trade names of machines used.

Job industry: clerical jobs

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