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Duster: Tends equipment that removes dust, fur particles, and lint from felt hats after pouncing operations, using any of following methods: Selects hat block, according to specifications. Turns screw to secure block on spindle, and slips hat over block. (a) Depresses pedal to start compressor that creates vacuum in slots of hat block and moves hat over slots to remove undesirable matter. (b) Depresses pedal to start hat and block rotating. Presses trigger on pneumatic gun to direct air over hat surface or holds brush against hat surface to dust hat. (c) Depresses pedal to move hat mounted on rotating block against rotating brush. Stops compressor or rotating block, turns hat inside out, and repeats dusting operation on inside of hat. May also be designated according to method used as Hat Brusher, Machine (hat industry).

Job industry: hat industry

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