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Electroencephalographic Technologist: Alternate titles: eeg technologist Measures electrical activity of brain waves, using electroencephalograph (EEG) instrument, and conducts evoked potential response tests for use in diagnosis of brain and nervous system disorders: Measures patient’s head and other body parts, using tape measure, and marks points where electrodes are to be placed. Attaches electrodes to predetermined locations, and verifies functioning of electrodes and recording instrument. Operates recording instruments (EEG and evoked potentials) and supplemental equipment and chooses settings for optimal viewing of nervous system. Records montage (electrode combination) and instrument settings, and observes and notes patient’s behavior during test. Conducts visual, auditory, and somatosensory evoked potential response tests to measure latency of response to stimuli. Writes technical reports summarizing test results to assist physician in diagnosis of brain disorders. May also perform other physiological tests, for example electrocardiogram, electrooculogram, and ambulatory electroencephalogram. May also perform video monitoring of patient’s actions during test. May also monitor patient during surgery, using EEG or evoked potential instrument. May also supervise other technologists and be known as Chief Electroencephalographic Technologist (medical industry).

Job industry: medical industry

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