Felting And Fulling Jobs: A description for the felting and fulling jobs group

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Felting And Fulling Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to matting, toughening, and compressing materials into felt fabric by such means as mechanical oscillation, vibration, and compression, and the use of such agents as moisture, chemicals, soap, and heat, and thickening the fabric, decreasing its surface area, and imparting a fibrous cover by the application of soap, alkali, or acid combined with pressure and friction.

Job descriptions in this group:
Supervisor V
Fulling Machine Operator
Felting Machine Operator
Carroting Machine Operator
Continuous Crusher Operator
Felt Strip Finisher
Feltmaker And Weigher
Hardening Machine Operator
Hat Forming Machine Operator
Shrinking Machine Operator
Testing Machine Operator
Carroting Machine Offbearer
Felting Machine Operator Helper
Hat Forming Machine Feeder
Machine Helper
Felt Carbonizer

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