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Gilder – Gold charmer, gold-leaf gilder, metal-leaf gilder, metal-leaf layer Covers surfaces of items, for example books, furniture, harps, and signs, with metal leaf, for example aluminum, gold, or silver, to decorate them, using brushes, T-shaped handtool, and hands: Brushes sizing (thin glue) on sections of items which are to be covered with leaf (gilded), according to design. Transfers leaf from supply book onto pallet. Rubs camel-hair brush in hair to electrify brush and picks up leaf with brush, or picks up leaf with T-shaped, felt-edged tool, and lays leaf over sizing, or presses sheets or ribbons of leaf onto sizing by hand. Smooths leaf over surface and removes excess, using brush. Rubs leaf with polished burnishing agate, cotton pad, or gloved hand to polish leaf or simulate worn metal finish. May also brush or spray protective lacquer coat over gilded surface.

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