Hand Deicer Element Winder: A description for the hand deicer element winder job

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Hand Deicer Element Winder – Heating-element builder Constructs electric heating elements for airplane deicers: Measures and cuts base stock for element from rubberized fabric to fit specified jig. Positions base stock on jig and secures stock with jig bar. Lifts reel of specified wire to letoff rack and clamps end of wire to jig by turning setscrew. Threads wire between poles of jig following specified pattern. Pushes wires down to base of poles, and tightens expansion screw on jig to remove slack from wires, using handtools. Brushes flux on wires to clean them preparatory to soldering. Solders parts, for example bus bars, jumper and lead wires, to element to make specified electrical circuit. Examines element to ensure that solder joints are secure. Cements precut sections of rubberized fabric cover stock over wires with rubber cement, and presses them together, using roller. Trims excess base and cover stock from edges of element with knife. May also clamp formed element to testing device to verify electrical resistance.

Job industry: rubber goods

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