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Sales Jobs Textile Products Apparel And Notions: This job group consists off jobs regarding to selling textile products, for example canvas, jute, and felt products, parachutes, and fish nets, yard goods, for example woolen, cotton, and synthetic fabrics, apparel and accessories, including footwear (except orthopedic), hats, wigs, belts, neckties, fur garments, and corsets, trimmings, for example embroidery, waistbands, and cording, safety apparel, for example goggles, safety belts, and fireproof suits, and notions, for example buttons, buckles, pins, needles, hooks and eyes, and slide and snap fasteners. Jobs regarding to selling textile fibers, jewelry, and leather goods other than belts and apparel, for example billfolds, luggage, and saddlery, are included in Group 269. Jobs regarding to selling orthopedic shoes are included in Group 276.

Job descriptions in this group:
Wigs Salesperson
Corsets Salesperson
Apparel Trimmings Sales Representative
Canvas Products Sales Representative
Footwear Sales Representative
Mens And Boys Apparel Sales Representative
Safety Apparel And Equipment Sales Representative
Textiles Sales Representative
Uniforms Sales Representative
Womens And Girls Apparel Sales Representative
Furs Salesperson
Infants And Childrens Wear Salesperson
Mens And Boys Clothing Salesperson
Mens Furnishings Salesperson
Millinery Salesperson
Shoes Salesperson
Womens Apparel And Accessories Salesperson
Yard Goods Salesperson
Leather And Suede Apparel And Accessories Salesperson

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