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Harpsichord Maker – Lays out, machines, fits, assembles, and finishes wood, metal, and plastic parts to build harpsichords, applying knowledge of material properties and harpsichord construction: Measures and marks wood, metal, and plastic to lay out instrument components, applying knowledge of instrument design or following sketch or drawings. Operates woodworking machines and uses handtools to form wooden case parts. Sands and scrapes wood parts and applies varnish, stain, or oil to finish surfaces. Fits and assembles parts, using handtools, to assemble harpsichord case. Files cast metal soundboard to fit soundboard into case, using handtools. Operates drill press to drill holes for tuning pins, following template or drawing that locates holes. Bends metal bridges to specified contour, using vise and handtools, and installs bridges on soundboard. Bends nonmetal bridges to specified contour, using steam and clamps, or saws curve-shaped bridges, using bandsaw, and installs bridges on soundboards. Inserts tuning pins and strings instrument, using various gauge wires. Operates shop machines and uses handtools to cut and shape wood, plastic, and leather to form parts of keyboards and actions. Sets pieces of veneer into surface of wood sides of harpsichord to decorate instrument, using glue. Fits and assembles keyboard and action parts and installs them. Carves, shapes, and tapers plectrum (plucking device), using knive. Tunes instrument to specified pitch, using tuning fork, tuning wrench, and handtools. Visually and tactually examines completed instrument and corrects defects. Repairs used instruments. May also apply decorative trim, for example stripes, decals, or gilt to finished instrument [DECORATOR (furniture industry) (games industry) 749.684-014]. May also design and prepare working drawings to build harpsichords.

Job industry: musical instruments

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