Interviewing Clerks: A description for the interviewing clerks group

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Interviewing Clerks: This job group consists off jobs regarding to interviewing and eliciting information. Work frequently involves assisting persons in completing application forms, verifying information obtained, and performing various clerical tasks in relation to records prepared. Clerical jobs regarding to eliciting and recording information and making determinations for such purposes as extending credit, resolving customer complaints, and adjusting claims, are found in Group 241.

Job descriptions in this group:
Survey Workers Supervisor
Admitting Officer
Civil Service Clerk
Employment Clerk
Hospital Admitting Clerk
Identification Clerk
Customer Service Representative
Outpatient Admitting Clerk
Admissions Evaluator
Charge Account Clerk
Claims Clerk 2
Credit Clerk
Creel Clerk
Election Clerk
License Clerk
Registration Clerk
Rehabilitation Clerk
Contingents Supervisor
Survey Worker
Traffic Checker
Temporary Help Agency Referral Clerk
Benefits Clerk 2

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