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Credit Clerk: Loan clerk Processes applications of individuals applying for loans and credit: Interviews applicant to obtain personal and financial data and fills out application. Calls or writes to credit bureaus, employers, and personal references to check credit and personal references. Establishes credit limit, considering such factors as applicant’s assets, credit experience, and personal references, based on predetermined standards. Notifies customer by mail, telephone, or in person of acceptance or rejection of application. May also keep record or file of credit transactions, deposits, and payments, and sends letters or confers with customers having delinquent accounts to make payment [COLLECTION CLERK (clerical jobs) 241.357-010]. May also send form letters and brochures to solicit business from prospective customers. May also adjust incorrect credit charges and grant extensions of credit on overdue accounts. May also accept payment on accounts. May also keep record of applications for loans and credit, using computer. May also compute interest and payments, using calculator. May also provide customer credit information or rating on request to retail stores, credit agencies, or banks. May also check value of customer’s collateral, for example securities, held as security for loan. May also advise customer by phone or in writing about loan or credit information. May also assist customer in filling out loan or credit application.

Job industry: clerical jobs

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