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Jobs In Administrative Specializations: This job division consists off jobs regarding to specialized administrative and managerial functions which are common to many types of organizations. (Managerial jobs which are peculiar to one or a few related types of organizations are included in Division 18). In general, jobs included in the group listed below demand a knowledge of a particular function rather than a knowledge of the operations of an organization included in Division 18. Includes jobs which involve the more routine nonclerical duties or a combination of clerical and administrative work. Jobs involving clerical work exclusively in these fields are not included.

Job groups in this division:
Accountants Auditors And Related Jobs
Budget And Management Systems Analysis Jobs
Purchasing Management Jobs
Sales And Distribution Management Jobs
Advertising Management Jobs
Public Relations Management Jobs
Personnel Administration Jobs
Inspectors And Investigators Managerial And Public Service
Jobs In Administrative Specializations Nec

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