Lead Nitrate Processor: A description for the lead nitrate processor job

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Lead Nitrate Processor: Lead-shop operator Tends heated kettle and auxiliary equipment to process molten lead and nitric acid into lead nitrate: Loads lead-melting kettle with lead ingots, using hoist. Turns valves to regulate flow of fuel oil and air, and tends stoker or shovels coal to fire furnace that melts lead in kettle. Ladles molten lead into trough or tips melting kettle to pour molten lead into trough for transfer to vat containing nitric acid where ingredients combine to form lead nitrate. Turns outlet valve to transfer lead nitrate to filter press for removal of impurities [FILTER-PRESS OPERATOR (industry)]. Tests sample of filtrate for purity by observing color or using litmus paper. Starts pumps to transfer batch to storage tank. Gauges contents of tanks, using calibrated stick, and records quantity on batch card. May also ladle molten lead into vats containing cold water to cause solidification into irregular, spongelike shapes, exposing more surface area for faster chemical reaction in subsequent process treatment. May also drain off water and shovel solidified sponged lead onto conveyor for further processing.

Job industry: chemical industry

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