Lithographic 1 Stripper: A description for the lithographic 1 stripper job

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Lithographic 1 Stripper – Color stripper, commercial stripper, image assembler, process stripper Plans composition of film flat according to customer’s requirements, applying knowledge of film assembly, pieces together and positions negative or positive film on layout sheets, and makes composite film, using precision measuring instruments, artist’s work aids and photographic equipment, to assemble multi- or single-color film flat used in production of lithographic printing plates: Examines materials received with order, for example pasteup, artwork, film, prints, or customer’s instructions, to determine size and dimensions, number of colors on job, and camera work needed, for example number of base negatives, halftones, color separations (film for each primary color), and screen tints. Determines proportions needed to reduce or enlarge photographs and graphics to fit in designated areas of film flat and prevent color overlap, using calculator or proportion scale. Receives base negatives, halftones, and color separations from PHOTOGRAPHER, LITHOGRAPHIC (printing industry) 972.382-014 and SCANNER OPERATOR (printing industry) 972.282-010 to be used in composition of film flat. Touches up negatives to conceal pinholes and other imperfections, using artist’s brush and opaque material, or examines positive film, using magnifier, and repairs broken lines and incomplete and missing half-tone dots, using needle and crayon pencil. Tapes layout sheet or grid to illuminated table and positions masking sheet and transparent plastic sheet over layout grid to prepare for positioning of film. Positions film negatives or positives on masking sheet or transparent plastic sheet according to predetermined reference marks on layout sheet and inserts illustrations, halftones, or four-color process negatives in windows of base negatives or complementary flats (flats that will be exposed onto same plate), using tape, triangles, straightedges, dividers, and magnifiers. Selects and inserts screen tints in film flat, using knowledge of dot percentages required to obtain specific colors. Cuts out masks, using razor blade, artist’s knife, or mask cutting tool, and arranges negatives in order, to prepare for contact printing, plate exposure, or proof making. Aligns multiple negatives and masks over unexposed film in vacuum frame and activates light source to make negatives or positives for final film of each color. Determines or approves plans and page sequences to lay out job for specific printing press. Pieces together and aligns negatives or positives on masking sheet or transparent plastic sheet, applying knowledge acquired from experience in film assembly to assure register and fit with all units of color, to assemble film flat. Inverts assembled film flat on table and cuts windows behind image areas of negatives or positives, using razor blade or artist’s knife, to allow exposure to plate or film. Routes completed negative or positive flat to proofing area for preparation of positive or negative proof. Examines proof returned by customer and makes corrections or remakes film to meet customer’s specifications. Routes completed negative or positive flat to LITHOGRAPHIC PLATEMAKER (printing industry) 972.381-010 for preparation of positive or negative lithographic printing plate. May also draw ruled lines and borders around negatives or positives, using scribing tools. May also make proof from film flat to determine accuracy of flat.

Job industry: printing industry

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