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Jobs In Graphic Art Work – This job division consists off jobs regarding to handsetting text or display type, making and mounting plates of line or continuous tone illustrations, assembling hand- or machine-set type, plates, and spacing material to make up pages and forms, reproducing type, illustrations, pages, and forms by photoengraving, lithographic process, electrotyping, or stereotyping to make plates for printing presses, copying lettering, lines, or designs, and retouching artwork, etching or engraving printing rollers, developing and printing film and prints, bookbinding, and related graphic arts activities. Jobs regarding to cold type typesetting and word processing are found in Division 20.

Job groups in this division:
Art Work Jobs Brush Spray Or Pen
Photoengraving Jobs
Lithographers And Related Jobs
Hand Compositors Typesetters And Related Jobs
Electrotypers Stereotypers And Related Jobs
Darkroom Jobs Nec
Bookbinders And Related Jobs
Jobs In Graphic Art Work Nec

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