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Machine Fastener – Anchor tacker, fastener, nailer, puncher and fastener, puncher, riveter, sewer, stapler, tacker Tends nailing, slugging, stapling, or tacking machine that attaches shoe parts, for example heel, insole, and shank to partially assembled shoes: Aligns parts on bed of machine, or positions them under machine head. Depresses pedal that lowers holding device, or holds parts against guide. Depresses pedal or lever that drives fasteners into parts. Fills hopper of nailing or tacking machine, or replaces wire spool on spindle of slugging or stapling machine. May also brush cement onto parts prior to joining. May also be designated according to part joined as Heeler, Machine (shoes industry), Insole Tacker (shoes industry), Ornament Stapler (shoes industry), Top-Lift Nailer (shoes industry). May also be designated: Bow Stapler (shoes industry), Buckle Stapler (shoes industry), Fiber-Heel-Piece Shaper (shoes industry), Gore Stapler (shoes industry), Heel-Seat Filler (shoes industry), Heel-Seat-Flap Stapler (shoes industry), Nail Welter (shoes industry), Outsole Tacker (shoes industry), Platform Stapler (shoes industry), Rand Tacker (shoes industry), Shank Stapler (shoes industry), Sole Stapler, Welt (shoes industry), Toe Stapler (shoes industry).

Job industry: shoes industry

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