Machine Trades Jobs: A description for the machine trades jobs category

Machine Trades Jobs

Machine Trades Jobs: This job category consists off jobs regarding to the operation of machines that cut, bore, mill, abrade, print, and similarly work such materials as metal, paper, wood, plastics, and stone. A worker’s relationship to the machine is of primary importance. The more complicated jobs require an understanding of machine functions, blueprint reading, making mathematical computations, and exercising judgment to attain conformance to specifications. In less complicated jobs, eye and hand coordination may also be the most significant factor. Installation, assembly, repair, and maintenance of machines and mechanical equipment and weaving, knitting, spinning, and similarly working textiles are included.

Job divisions in this category:
Metal Machining Jobs
Metalworking Jobs Nec
Mechanics And Machinery Repairers
Paperworking Jobs
Printing Jobs
Wood Machining Jobs
Jobs In Machining Stone Clay Glass And Related Materials
Textile Jobs
Machine Trades Jobs Nec

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