Managers And Officials Nec: A description for the managers and officials nec division

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Managers And Officials Nec: This job division consists off managerial jobs which require a knowledge of the management and operations of an organization, rather than a scientific, technical, or administrative specialty. Generally speaking, these are line management jobs in contrast to the staff and specialist jobs included in Division 16. Also consists off such jobs as officers and executives of government, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, general managers, general supervisors, and department heads and their assistants in industrial establishments. Many general administrators and managers are former scientific, professional, and administrative specialists. Care must be taken to classify jobs according to duties and requirements rather than an incumbent’s education or experience. Jobs in the administration of a scientific, technical, or professional activity must be carefully scrutinized to determine whether they are concerned primarily with technical supervision or with general management or specialized administrative work.

Job groups in this division:
Agriculture Forestry And Fishing Industry Managers And Officials
Mining Industry Managers And Officials
Construction Industry Managers And Officials
Manufacturing Industry Managers And Officials
Transportation Communication And Utilities Industry Managers And Officials
Wholesale And Retail Trade Managers And Officials
Finance Insurance And Real Estate Managers And Officials
Service Industry Managers And Officials
Public Administration Managers And Officials
Miscellaneous Managers And Officials Nec

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