Mercerizing Coating And Laminating Jobs: A description for the mercerizing coating and laminating jobs group

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Mercerizing Coating And Laminating Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to treating material with concentrated caustic soda lye to cause swelling and increase luster, forming or pressing material into thin layers and covering materials and products with a layer or layers of the same or another material for such purposes as building them up, decorating, or preserving them.

Job descriptions in this group:
Coating Machine Operator 3
Quilting Machine Operator
Coating Machine Operator 4
Coater Helper
Glue Spreading Machine Operator
Sizing Machine Tender
Coater 2
Laminating Machine Operator
Artificial Leather Calender Operator
Cloth Mercerizer Operator
Coating Machine Operator 1A
Foxing Painter
Hat Stock Laminating Machine Operator
Knife Machine Operator
Laminator 1
Latexer 1
Mangle Tender
Tarring Machine Operator
Wax Machine Operator
Yarn Mercerizer Operator 1
Yarn Mercerizer Operator 2
Yarn Mercerizer Operator Helper
Leather Coater
Hand Sprayer 1

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