Mangle Tender: A description for the mangle tender job

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Mangle Tender: Cloth presser, mangler Tends mangle that wets-out cloth or applies finishing chemicals, for example size starch, synthetic resins, or cellulose derivatives to cloth: Positions trucks of cloth at feed-end of machine and threads cloth through guides, under immersion roll, and through expander attachment and squeeze rolls, or sews end of cloth to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine. Turns valve to admit water, starch, or finishing solution to trough of mangle. Turns handwheel to set pressure of squeeze rollers according to thickness of cloth. Observes flow of cloth through mangle to detect holes and torn selvages. Cuts flaws from cloth, using scissors, and sews ends of cloth together. May also tend machine arranged in tandem with drying cans, tenter frame or curing oven. May also be designated according to fluid used in trough as Starch-Mangle Tender (textile industry), Water-Mangle Tender (textile industry).

Job industry: textile industry

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