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Metal Machining Jobs: This job division consists off jobs regarding to shaping metal parts or products through the use of cutting tools, with or without removing excess material from stock or objects, primarily by such means as cutting, boring, milling, broaching, turning, sawing, abrading, and planing. Includes laying out, job setting, repairing, maintaining, calibrating, fitting, and assembling. The machining of nonmetallic materials is also included when the methods and machine tools commonly applied to the machining of metal are used. Jobs primarily regarding to the machining of clay, glass, and related materials are included in Division 67.

Job groups in this division:
Machinists And Related Jobs
Toolmakers And Related Jobs
Gear Machining Jobs
Abrading Jobs
Turning Jobs
Milling Shaping And Planing Jobs
Boring Jobs
Sawing Jobs
Metal Machining Jobs Nec

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