Milling And Planing Jobs: A description for the milling and planing jobs group

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Milling And Planing Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to cutting a smooth surface on rough woodstock and reducing it to desired thickness by the action of rotating cutting tools mounted on a machine.

Job descriptions in this group:
Chucking Machine Operator
Lock Corner Machine Operator
Wood Carving Machine Operator
Mortising Machine Operator
Timber Sizer Operator
Rough Planer Tender
Dowel Machine Operator
Molder Operator
Planer Operator
Automatic Profile Shaper Operator
Router Operator 1
Shaper Operator
Veneer Jointer
Jointer Operator
Bottom Turning Lathe Tender
End Frazer
Plow And Boring Machine Tender
Plywood Scarfer Tender
Scooping Machine Tender
Stave Jointer
Stock Checkerer 2
Rodding Machine Tender
Router Tender
Shaping Machine Tender
Pole Peeling Machine Operator Helper
Stave Planer Tender
Veneer Jointer Helper
Veneer Jointer Offbearer

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