Petroleum Refinery Laborer: A description for the petroleum refinery laborer job

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Petroleum Refinery Laborer: Process helper Performs any combination of following tasks in refinery: Digs ditches, builds dikes and levees, and fills holes with earth, rock, sand, and asphalt gravels, using pick and shovel. Smooths ground surfaces and roadways, using hand tamper. Cleans refining equipment. Removes debris from roadways and work areas, and sprays and hoes weeds. Shovels sand and gravel off vehicles and dumps or shovels cement and sand into mixers. Mixes and pours cement and transports cement to forms with wheelbarrow. Unloads materials, for example tools, equipment, sacks of cement, sand, catalyst, salt, and lime, and oil barrels from freight cars and trucks, manually or with handtruck, and stacks barrels and sacks for storage. Uncrates equipment and parts, for example fractionating or treating towers and bubble trays, using pry bar and hammer, and installs bubble caps, using wrenches. Rips open sacks and dumps chemicals and catalysts into mixing, treating, or storage tanks. Dopes pipelines to prevent corrosion, using doping pot and tar. Changes hoist cables, and rigs chain hoists, rope blocks, power winches, and gin poles used to move or raise equipment. Skims oil from cooling water in water boxes. May also be designated according to section of refinery in which work is performed as Laborer, Filter Plant (petroleum industry).

Job industry: petroleum industry

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