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Photoengraving Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to reproducing line or continuous tone copy on metallic printing plates for use in letterpress printing, using photoetching process, mounting and photographing copy, developing latent images on plates, and etching plates to leave raised printing surface. Group also consists off jobs regarding to the fabrication and assembly of silk screen stencils, using photoetching process.

Job descriptions in this group:
Photoengraving Supervisor
Screen Making Supervisor
Hand Etcher 1
Photoengraving Etcher Apprentice
Photoengraving Etcher
Photoengraver Apprentice
Photoengraving Finisher
Photoengraving Printer
Photoengraving Proofer
Photoengraving Proofer Apprentice
Textile Screen Maker
Stripper 3
Stripper Apprentice
Photoengraving Photographer
Repeat Photocomposing Machine Operator
Blocker 1A
Roller Print Tender
Hand Etcher Helper

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