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Pipe Fitter – Pipe fitter, marine Lays out, installs, and maintains ships’ piping systems, for example steam heat and power, hot water, hydraulic, air pressure, and oil lines, following blueprints, and using handtools and shop machines: Plans layout of pipe sections, allowing for conformance to specifications, holes, and obstructions. Cuts and bores holes in bulkheads and decks for installation of pipes. Operates shop machines to cut and thread pipe and pipe fittings, for example valves, traps, and thermostats. Packs pipe with sand to avoid contortion of pipe and bends pipe to specified shape on pipe-bending fixture. Bolts or welds pipe brackets to support pipe systems. Connects pipes to fixtures, for example radiators, laundry, and galley equipment, pumps, and tanks, using wrench, and solders joints to seal connections, using hand torch. Repairs, packs, and adjusts valves. Tests installed systems for leaks and to ensure that system meets specifications, using hydrostatic and other pressure test equipment.

Job industry: boat industry

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