Structural Work Jobs: A description for the structural work jobs category

Structural Work Jobs

Structural Work Jobs – This job category consists off jobs regarding to fabricating, erecting, installing, paving, painting, repairing, and similarly working structures or structural parts, for example bridges, buildings, roads, transportation equipment frames and structures, cables, girders, plates, and frames. The work generally occurs outside a factory or shop environment, except for factory production line jobs regarding to fabricating, installing, erecting, or repairing structures. Tools used are handtools or portable power tools, and such materials as wood, metal, concrete, glass, and clay are involved. Stationary machines are frequently used in structural work jobs, but the worker’s relationship to machines is usually secondary in importance as compared to use of handtools and portable power tools. Workers are frequently required to have a knowledge of the materials with which they work, e.g., stresses, strains, durability, and resistance to weather.

Job divisions in this category:
Jobs In Metal Fabricating Nec
Welders Cutters And Related Jobs
Electrical Assembling Installing And Repairing Jobs
Painting Plastering Waterproofing Cementing And Related Jobs
Excavating Grading Paving And Related Jobs
Construction Jobs Nec
Structural Work Jobs Nec

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