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Pipeliner – Maintains and repairs pipelines, pumping stations, and tank farms by performing any combination of following duties as member of crew: Removes rust and foreign substances from meters and valves, using sand blasting equipment. Pours corrosion resistant material over pipe or applies material with brush or spray gun. Wraps pipe with strips of paper or fabric to prevent corrosion and leakage. Drives and operates such equipment as backhoes, bulldozers, and side booms to dig ditches, lay pipe, and backfill ditches. Positions materials, pipes, fittings, and pumping equipment for carpenters, mechanics, and welders. Installs screw-pipe and manifold connections, using wrenches and pipe tongs. Cleans storage tanks, using squeegees and rakes. Dismantles and restores items, for example fences, gates, and water lines, that inhibit pipeline work, using earth moving equipment, pick, and shovel. Cuts brushes, trees, and weeds with axes and hoes, digs drainage ditches, using shovel, and gathers trash, pipe parts, and equipment to clear grounds along pipelines right-of-way. Spreads chemical pellets along right-of-way for control of tree growth. Loads and unloads trucks. May also walk along line to detect leaks [LINE WALKER (gas industry) (petroleum industry) (pipe industry)]. May also operate pumping equipment [PUMPER (industry)]. May also operate pipe-cleaning-and-wrapping machines to apply dope and wrap pipe.

Job industry: pipe industry

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