Products Design Engineer: A description for the products design engineer job

Products Design Engineer

Products Design Engineer: Conducts analytical studies on engineering proposals to develop design for products, for example engines, equipment, machines, associated and subsystems components, and aerospace structures, utilizing and applying engineering principles, research data, and proposed product specifications. Analyzes data to determine feasibility of product proposal. Confers with research personnel to clarify or resolve problems and develops design. Prepares or directs preparation of product or system layout and detailed drawings and schematics. Directs and coordinates manufacturing or building of prototype product or system. Plans and develops experimental test programs. Analyzes test data and reports to determine if design meets functional and performance specifications. Confers with research and other engineering personnel and prepares design modifications as required. Evaluates engineering test results for possible application to development of systems or other uses. Design engineering personnel are classified according to discipline. May also use computer-assisted engineering software and equipment.

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