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Quality Control Inspector 5 – Inspects completed handtools and parts in process, using statistical sampling techniques and following printed procedures, to evaluate quality of products: Selects, according to sampling tables, percentage of production lot of tools, for example planes, bit braces, levels, garden shears, tape, and folding rules. Examines tool or part to judge quality of finish and to detect visible flaws, for example cracks in castings. Measures dimensions and angles for conformance with blueprint or tabular specifications, using measuring instruments. Tests hardness of metal components [HARDNESS INSPECTOR (heat treating)]. Moves working parts of tool by hand to judge smoothness of action. Function tests mitre boxes and saws by making trial cuts to verify accuracy of mitre gauge and absence of saw run-out. Secures drill bit or counter bore in powered chuck and bores holes in wood to evaluate cutting action. Records findings on chart. Rejects or accepts entire production lot according to quality of sample inspected. Notifies supervisor when sampling indicates progressive deterioration in product quality, in order that corrections can be made in machine setup or operating procedure to forestall production of unacceptable work. Verifies accuracy of production gauges against master gauges. Computes percentages, ratios, and proportions of product-quality deviations in order to prepare engineering reports and analyses.

Job industry: hardware industry

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