Typewriter Assembly And Parts Inspector: A description for the typewriter assembly and parts inspector job

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Typewriter Assembly And Parts Inspector – Inspector, manufactured parts, inspector, mechanical Inspects typewriters, subassemblies, and parts for conformance with specifications, using handtools and measuring instruments: Moves parts to determine binding, looseness, or misalignment. Tests tightness of screws and nuts, using screwdrivers and wrenches. Measures dimensions of parts, distance between them, and shapes of angles and curves to verify conformance to specifications, using comparator, micrometer, dial indicators, and fixed and adjustable gauges. Refers to blueprints and charts for tolerances. Examines parts for surface defects, for example rust, dullness, discoloration, and chipped and scratched finish. Stops production when rejects exceed specified limits. Compiles information to indicate number of, and reasons for, rejects. May also train other workers performing inspections. May also be designated according to type of assembly monitored as Inspector, Conveyor Line (it industry), Inspector, Final Assembly-Conveyor Line (it industry), Inspector, Floor Sub-Assembly (it industry), Inspector, Station Assembly-Conveyor Line (it industry), or type of parts inspected as Inspector, Purchased Parts (it industry).

Job industry: it industry

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