Second Steward Stewardess: A description for the second steward stewardess job

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Second Steward Stewardess: Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in providing accommodation services to first class passengers: Assigns personnel to work stations in passenger areas, for example staterooms, lounges, deck, and smokeroom and informs them of duties and responsibilities to passengers. Inspects work areas with STEWARD/STEWARDESS, CHIEF, PASSENGER SHIP (water industry) to ascertain that service given passengers is in accordance with company standards. Coordinates work assignments so that additional help is available for recreational activities. May also be designated according to shift worked as Second Steward/Stewardess, Night (water industry), or according to class of passengers served as Steward/Stewardess, Economy Class (water industry), Steward/Stewardess, Second Class (water industry), Steward/Stewardess, Third Class (water industry), Steward/Stewardess, Tourist Class (water industry).

Job industry: water industry

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