Separating Filtering And Related Jobs: A description for the separating filtering and related jobs group

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Separating Filtering And Related Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to setting apart desirable materials in ore or concentrate by such means as forcing or drawing it through filtering devices by suction or pressure, sifting, straining, squeezing, centrifugal force, flotation, leaching, amalgamation, electrolysis, distillation, precipitation, or agitating devices.

Job descriptions in this group:
Alumina Plant Supervisor
Precipitator Supervisor
Filter Plant Supervisor
Tungsten Refiner
Zinc Chloride Operator
Concentrator Operator
Top Precipitator Operator
Control Operator
Cryolite Recovery Operator
Dust Collector Operator
Molybdenum Steamer Operator
Thickener Operator
Classifier Operator
Dewaterer Operator
Drier Tender
Iron Launder Operator
Hydrate Control Tender
Top Precipitator Operator Helper
Clarifier Operator
Bottom Precipitator Operator
Clarifier Operator Helper
Color Tester
Ore Crushing Dust Collector
Classifier Tender
Condenser Tube Tender
Dust Collector Attendant
Flotation Tender
Kettle Tender 2
Platinum And Palladium Kettle Tender
Precipitator 1
Precipitator 2
Reagent Tender
Screen Operator
Slime Plant Operator 2
Slime Plant Operator Helper
Table Tender
Trommel Tender
Reagent Tender Helper
Blanket Washer
Dust Collector Treater
Flotation Tender Helper
Reverberatory Skimmer
Tailings Dam Laborer

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