Shaping Blocking Stretching And Tentering Jobs: A description for the shaping blocking stretching and tentering jobs group

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Shaping Blocking Stretching And Tentering Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to imparting or restoring shape to materials and objects by the use of such devices as blocks, and extending materials to their full extent or to greater size by such devices as tenters (frames for stretching).

Job descriptions in this group:
Boarding Room Fixer
Calendering Machine Operator
Weft Straightener
Hand 1 Blocker
Hand 2 Blocker
Brim Stretching Machine Operator
Cloth Drier
Collar Turner Operator
Cotton Ball Machine Tender
Hat Blocking Machine Operator 1
Hat Blocking Machine Operator 2
Hooking Machine Operator
Hydraulic Blocker
Molder 2
Roller Operator
Machine Staker
Stretching Machine Operator
Tip Stretcher
Tenter Frame Operator
Oriental Rug Stretcher
Hand Hide Stretcher

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