Hydraulic Blocker: A description for the hydraulic blocker job

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Hydraulic Blocker: Hydraulic-press operator, presser Tends hydraulic press that shapes hats, hatbrims, or crowns: Selects shaping die, according to specifications, and positions die in recess of machine bed. Positions saddle (rubber hat-shaped liner) in die to protect hat during pressing. Pours water into tank of machine and turns valve to regulate level of water in rubber pressing bag, attached to machine ram, according to size of hat to be shaped. Inserts hat, crown down, into die. Moves lever to lower ram and water-filled bag against brim or into crown to press hat, brim, or crown. May also be designated according to hat material as Straw-Hat-Hydraulic-Press Operator (hat industry), according to hat part shaped as Brim Presser (hat industry) II, Crown Presser (hat industry), or according to processing stage as Blocking-Machine Operator, Second (hat industry), Hydraulic Press Operator, First Pressing (hat industry). When tending machine that shapes hatbrims between flange (brim-shaped collar) and water-filled bag, is known as Hydraulic-Brim-Flanging-Machine Operator (hat industry). May also be designated: Band-Plating-Machine Operator (hat industry), Panama-Hat-Hydraulic-Press Operator (hat industry), Wool-Hat Hydraulicker (hat industry), Woven-Paper-Hat-Hydraulic-Press Operator Finisher (hat industry).

Job industry: hat industry

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