Shearing And Shaving Jobs: A description for the shearing and shaving jobs group

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Shearing And Shaving Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to cutting, slicing, and shaving wood by the action of a keen-edged cutting tool mounted in a machine.

Job descriptions in this group:
Green End Department Supervisor
Knife Setter 1
Automatic Clipper
Barker Operator
Pole Peeling Machine Operator
Veneer Slicing Machine Operator
Block Splitter Operator
Excelsior Machine Tender
Molding Cutter
Rounding Machine Tender
Shake Backboard Notcher
Slicing Machine Tender
Splitter Tender
Splitting Machine Tender
Stave Machine Tender
Veneer Clipper
Block Feeder
Break Off Worker
Green Chain Offbearer
Lathe Spotter
Slicing Machine Tender 1
Veneer Clipper Helper
Wood Inspector

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