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Spinner: Batch-roller operator, hard-candy spinner, stick-candy puller, stick spinner Operates machine that rolls or spins hot plastic candy into rope-like strip ready for cutting: Kneads hot candy into cylindrical shape on steam-jacketed pouring plate with gloved hands. Turns water and steam valves to regulate temperature of plate. Actuates heating unit of batch roller and starts machine. Lifts candy from pouring plate and feeds candy between machine rollers. Pushes lever to reverse action of rollers to stretch and compact candy to required size strip. May also feed strip, discharged from batch roller, into cutting machine. May also make specified types of hard candy, performing combination of duties, for example flavoring or coloring batch, spreading soft-center mixture, for example peanut butter, jam, or paste onto partially set candy, pulling candy prior to rolling and spinning [CANDY PULLER (sugar industry)], or applying varicolored candy strips along cylinder to achieve mottled effect. May also control battery of machines that automatically pump soft centers into candy, roll or spin candy, size rope candy, cut it to specified size, and pass it through cooling conveyor for wrapping and packing. When preparing rolls of jelly-centered coconut candy, may also be designated Coconut-Jelly Roller (sugar industry).

Job industry: sugar industry

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