Spray Machine Operator 1: A description for the spray machine operator 1 job

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Spray Machine Operator 1: Tends machine that sprays finish on cloth to increase thickness and bulk of cloth: Places roll of cloth on holders, by hand or using hoist. Sews end of cloth to leader, using sewing machine mounted on feed-end of spraying machine. Adjusts air pressure control, observes gauges, and turns knob to start flow of finish from tanks through spray apparatus. Adjusts temperature control and observes gauges to regulate heat in gas flame dryer and hot air drying compartments, according to temperature chart. Starts machine and observes cloth passing through spray cabinet to ensure that finish is sprayed evenly on cloth. Stops machine and adjusts air pressure control, nozzles on spray apparatus, or cleans clogged nozzles if finish is not uniform. Measures cloth emerging from drying compartment to detect width shrinkage and adjusts temperature controls as needed. Removes roll of cloth from machine by hand or using hoist, or pushes handtruck from under swing-folding attachments. Places empty beam on machine or pushes empty handtruck under swing-folding attachment [BACK TENDER (textile industry)]. May also tend machine equipped with doctor to scrape excess size from material. May also pour finish from containers into tanks. May also be designated according to finish used as Blow-Machine Tender, Starch Spraying (textile industry).

Job industry: textile industry

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