Stationary Engineers: A description for the stationary engineers group

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Stationary Engineers – This job group consists off jobs regarding to operation and maintenance of engines, turbines, air compressors, generators, motors, boilers, and auxiliaries to supply light, heat, refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning, and mechanical or electrical power for buildings, industrial plants, and mining or oil field operations.

Job descriptions in this group:
Head Refrigerating Engineer
Stationary Engineer Supervisor
Exhauster Engineer
Refrigerating Engineer
Boiler Operator
Gas Compressor Operator
Gas Engine Operator
Rotary Rig Engine Operator
Stationary Engineer
Stationary Engineer Apprentice
Humidifier Attendant
Panelboard Operator 2
Ventilation Equipment Tender
Boiler Operator Helper
Air Compressor Operator
Boiler Room Helper

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