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Stationary Engineer – Maintenance engineer, operating engineer, power-plant operator, watch engineer Operates and maintains stationary engines and mechanical equipment, for example steam engines, air compressors, generators, motors, turbines, and steam boilers, to provide utilities, for example light, heat, or power, for buildings and industrial processes: Reads meters and gauges or automatic recording devices at specified intervals to verify operating conditions. Records data, for example temperature of equipment, hours of operation, fuel consumed, temperature or pressure, water levels, analysis of flue gases, voltage load, and generator balance. Adjusts manual controls or overrides automatic controls to bring equipment into recommended or prescribed operating ranges, switch to backup equipment or systems, or to shut down equipment. Visually inspects equipment at periodic intervals to detect malfunctions or need for repair, adjustment, or lubrication. Maintains equipment by tightening fittings, repacking bearings, replacing packing glands, gaskets, valves, recorders, and gauges, and cleaning or replacing burners or other components, using handtools and power tools. May also be required to hold license issued by state or municipality, restricting equipment operated to specified types and sizes. May also oil and lubricate equipment [OILER (industry) 950.685-014]. May also perform water titration tests and pour chemical additives, for example water softener, into treatment tank to prevent scale buildup and to clean boiler lines. May also record operation and maintenance actions taken during shift in operators logbook. May also specialize in equipment designed for industrial processes and be designated Acid-Concentration-Plant-Equipment Engineer (industry), Air-Compressor-Station Engineer (industry), Diesel-Engine Operator, Stationary (industry), Water-Pumping-Station Engineer (industry).

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Other job descriptions:
Stationary Engineer
Stationary Engineer Apprentice
Humidifier Attendant
Panelboard Operator 2
Ventilation Equipment Tender
Boiler Operator Helper
Air Compressor Operator
Boiler Room Helper
High Pressure Firer
Low Pressure Firer
Marine Firer
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Nuclear Power Plant Operations Supervisor
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Chief Hydroelectric Station Operator
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Substation Operator Apprentice
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Switchboard Operator 1
Turbine Operator
Trouble Shooter 1
Load Checker
Switchboard Operator Assistant
Switch Inspector
Diesel Plant Operator
Power Operator
Power Plant Operator
Cable Maintainer
Turbine Attendant
Powerhouse Laborer
Street Light Cleaner
Hydroelectric Plant Maintainer
Substation Operator Helper
Liquefaction And Regasification Supervisor
Gas Pumping Station Supervisor
Pressure Supervisor
Service Supervisor 1
Gas Dispatcher
Field Mechanical Meter Tester
Fuel Attendant
Liquefaction And Regasification Plant Operator
Pressure Controller
Gas Meter Installer
Gas Leak Inspector
Gas Meter Checker
House Piping Inspector
Gas Pumping Station Operator
Cylinder Inspector And Tester
Drip Pumper
Liquefaction And Regasification Helper
Gas Leak Inspector Helper
Gas Pumping Station Helper
Gas Meter Installer Helper
Pumping Station Supervisor
Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Ditch Rider
Water Service Dispatcher
Waterworks Pump Station Operator
Water Treatment Plant Operator 1
Watershed Tender
Basin Operator
Water Meter Installer
Water Filter Cleaner
Supervisory Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Incinerator Plant Supervisor
Sanitary Landfill Supervisor
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Radioactive Waste Disposal Dispatcher
Wastewater Treatment Plant Instructor
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Incinerator Operator 2
Clarifying Plant Operator
Waste Treatment Operator
Waste Disposal Attendant
Sanitary Landfill Operator

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