Supervisor 38 I: A description for the supervisor 38 i job

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Supervisor 38 I – Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating and inspecting eyeglass, contact, and precision optical lenses: Inspects lenses for defects and adherence to specifications, using devices for example polariscope, magnifying glass, protractor, and power determining instrument. Trains workers in operation of lens processing machinery, theory of optics, and lens handling. Keeps records and prepares reports on machine maintenance, lens breakage and spoilage, inventory and requisition of supplies, and personnel production and assignments. Sets up, adjusts, and repairs lens generators, polishers, edgers, and hardeners, using handtools. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (industry) Master Title. May also be designated according to type of lens manufactured as Supervisor, Contact Lens (optical industry), Supervisor, Multifocal Lens (optical industry), Supervisor, Precision Optical Elements (optical industry), Supervisor, Sunglasses (optical industry), or according to department as Supervisor, Fusing Room (optical industry), Supervisor, Grinding And Polishing (optical industry). May also be designated: Molding-Room Supervisor (optical industry), Supervisor, Inspecting (optical industry), Supervisor, Lens Generating (optical industry).

Job industry: optical industry

Other job descriptions:
Supervisor 38 I
Optician Apprentice
Optician 1
Machine Sizer
Precision Inspector
Lay Out Technician
Contact Lens Lathe Operator
Optical Element Coater
Precision Lens Grinder
Precision Lens Grinder Apprentice
Precision Lens Centerer And Edger
Contact Lens Blocker And Cutter
Hand Glass Cutter
Hand Lens Polisher
Optical Glass Etcher
Eyeglass Lens Cutter
Precision Lens Generator
Precision Lens Polisher
Hand Blocker
Blocking Machine Tender
Driller 1
Hand Grinder
Lens Fabricating Machine Tender
Glass Checker
Multifocal Lens Inspector
Lens Examiner
Lens Blank Gauger
Lens Block Gauger
Optical Glass Wet Inspector
Radiological Equipment Specialist
Hearing Aid Repairer
Block Maker
Radio Repairer
Tape Recorder Repairer
Television And Radio Repairer
Assembly Adjuster
Phonograph Cartridge Assembler
Record Changer Assembler
Record Changer Tester
Electric Motor Repairing Supervisor
Inspection And Testing Supervisor
Electric Motor Analyst
Final Tester
Automotive Generator And Starter Repairer
Electric Motor Assembler And Tester
Electric Motor Repairer
Magneto Repairer
Propulsion Motor And Generator Repairer
Motors And Controls Tester
Motors And Generators Inspector
Electric Motor Fitter
Electric Motor Control Assembler
Hydraulic Governor Assembler
Electric Motor Winder
Field Ring Assembler
Insulation Cutter And Former
Skein Winder 1
Repair Armature Winder Helper
Carbon Brushes Assembler
Coil Connector
Electric Motor Assembler
Spider Assembler
Cleaner And Preparer
Instrument Shop Supervisor
Instrument Repairer 1
Assembler 6
Instrument Inspector 1
Switchbox Assembler 1
Small Appliance Assembly Supervisor
Fabrication Department Supervisor
Fluorescent Lighting Model Maker
Electrical Appliance Repairer
Vacuum Cleaner Repairer
Appliance Repairer
Assembler 7 I
Assembler 8 I
Assembler I2
Flasher Adjuster
Heating Element Winder
Patcher 1
Lamps Tester And Inspector
Waste Disposal Leakage Tester
Electronic Coils Supervisor

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