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Tester: Physical tester, testing-machine operator Measures tensile strength, hardness, ductility, or other physical properties of metal specimens, using following prescribed series of operations: Determines tensile strength on tension-testing machines. Measures dimensions of specimen with scales and micrometers and records measurements. Screws or clamps specimen in holders on machine. Clamps extensometer onto specimen and connects wire from extensometer to automatic stress-strain recorder. Turns handwheels or moves levers to apply tension to specimen at specified rate. Notes reading of indicator dial on control panel of machine or observes stress-strain curve (curve obtained by plotting applied tension against resultant elongation) being drawn by recorder to determine yield point and tensile strength of specimen. Removes pieces of broken specimen from machine, fits them together, and measures amount of elongation. Makes simple calculations of values, for example unit tensile strength and percentage elongation, using tables. Records readings and calculations on special forms. Measures hardness of specimens [HARDNESS INSPECTOR (heat treating) 504.387-010]. Measures ductility of sheet metal specimens in sheet metal testing machine. May also test specimens for plasticity and compression. May also specialize in testing iron or steel sheets for ductility and be designated Sheet Tester (mill industry).

Job industry: professional industry

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