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Transfer Operator – Sets up and operates machine to print designs, trademarks, sizes, and other identifying information on continuous roll of paper for use as dry transfers or hot iron patterns: Turns setscrew to secure selected die in machine holder. Slides doctor blade in machine slots and plugs ends of machine trough with paper wads to prevent loss of melted ink. Positions block of dry ink in machine trough and adjusts burner flame to melt ink. Measures lettering or design on die with machinist’s scale to determine widths of pressure roller and paper roll required. Installs and secures pressure roller, using wrench. Mounts paper roll in machine and threads end between pressure roller and die, fastening end to winding spindle. Turns handwheel and moves lever to adjust angle of doctor blade, tension of paper, and pressure of roller. Sets automatic counter at zero. Starts machine and observes paper for accuracy of printing. Stops machine when specified number of transfers are printed as indicated by automatic counter. Removes printed roll of transfers and die from machine. Cleans and lubricates machine and die, using solvent and cloths, and makes minor repairs.

Job industry: printing industry

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